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My name is Marcus Cederberg, a minimalist photographer living in Sweden. The last couple of years I have developed a very strong passion for minimalism photography, and I have been able to develop my skills and passion thanks to Instagram and all the positive response I have received there and in other communities.

It all take off when I was selected by Instagram as a ”suggested user” in 2014 and I gained thousands of new followers every day during a two week period. I got so much positive feedback about my pics so I trusted myself more and more to develope my skills.

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Here on minimalpics.com you will find a selection of my own pics, you can explore and learn more about minimalism photography and some tips and tricks using your mobile device for taking pics.

My pictures have been displayed in all over the world, for example in USA, Germany, India and Hong Kong. I also have had an exhibition  in my hometown Örebro in Sweden. My pictures are at display at the Swedish Photography Museum called Fotografiska

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